Pioneering Ventures for Life

pi·o·neer \ˌpī-ə-ˈnir\

One who is first or among the earliest in any field of inquiry, enterprise or progress

To lead the way for (a group); guide
To be the first to open or prepare
To take part in the beginnings of; initiate

We are Flagship Pioneering.

Fueled by curiosity and a quest for new sources of future value, Flagship conceives, creates, resources and grows first-in-category life sciences companies. Our unique, systematic, hypothesis-driven innovation process empowers us simultaneously to explore the world’s biggest problems and to conceive disruptive scientific solutions. Our ventures deliver breakthrough medicines, maximize the potential of new agricultural practices, and power the world with innovative resources. We call this Pioneering.

We are entrepreneurial scientists dedicated to maximizing value. Through Flagship’s pioneering process, our team continuously envisions opportunity in unexplored spaces and realizes value for society through disruptive innovations and ventures. We start with two simple phrases— “what if?” and “if only….” We suspend disbelief and deliver solutions that transform lives and change the world. We leverage a broad network of leaders from academia, start-ups and large corporations to challenge, evolve and perfect ideas until a compelling value proposition emerges.

Since our founding in 2000, we have originated and fostered the development of more than 100 scientific ventures resulting in $30 billion in aggregate value, thousands of patents and patent applications, and more than 50 clinical trials for novel therapeutic agents. Innovation is our currency. Our creativity, optimism, boundless energy, and curiosity fuel Flagship’s success.

We pioneer scientific ventures for life.

Our People

Noubar Afeyan
Founder & CEO
Aram Adourian
Partner, Knowledge Management
Theonie Anastassiadis
Maier Avendaño
Senior Associate
Yiqun Bai
Senior Associate
Stephen Berenson
Managing Partner
David Berry
General Partner
Ewen Cameron
Senior Associate
Chuck Carelli
Chief Financial Officer
John Casey
Senior Associate
Rob Citorik
Doug Cole
Managing Partner
Bernard P. Cooney III
Senior Partner, Capital Formation
Sophie de Boer
Yann Echelard
Operating Partner
David Epstein
Executive Partner
Remy Evard
Chief Information and Digital Officer
Peter Fong
Senior Principal
Molly Gibson
Senior Associate
Jim Gilbert
Senior Partner
Alex Goldsmith
Principal, Technology & Strategy
Karen Hodys
Partner, Legal
Poorya Hosseini
Ron Hovsepian
Executive Partner
Avak Kahvejian
David Kolesky
Brad Kubick
Heng Lu
Senior Business Analyst
Ken Mace
VP of Finance, New Ventures
Jordi Mata-Fink
Ignacio Martinez
General Partner
Michael Mee
Senior Associate
Grace Niwa
Vice President, Talent Acquisition & Executive Search
Jack Milwid
Jason Park
Nicholas Plugis
Jason Pontin
Senior Partner, Chief Editor
Stacie Rader
Partner, Talent Management
Christalyn Rhodes
Michael Rosenblatt
Chief Medical Officer
Rob Rosiello
Executive Partner, Chief Operating Officer
Jacob Rubens
Senior Associate
Nathan Stebbins
Hok Hei Tam
Leda Trivinos
Partner, Intellectual Property
Sebastian Trousil
Ellen van Rooijen
Geoffrey von Maltzahn
George Voren
Erica Weinstein
Senior Associate
Harry Wilcox
General Partner
Sabrina Yang

Affiliated Partners

Stéphane Bancel
Venture Partner
Brian Baynes
Venture Partner
Robert Berendes
Venture Partner
Carl Decicco
Venture Partner
Simba Gill
Venture Partner
Jose‑Carlos Gutiérrez‑Ramos
Venture Partner
Pearl Huang
Venture Partner
Ed Kania
Managing Partner, Funds II-IV
Mike Mack
Venture Partner
Torben Straight Nissen
Venture Partner
Roger Pomerantz
Venture Partner
Paul-Peter Tak
Venture Partner
Kim Wagner
Venture Partner

About Flagship Labs

At Flagship Pioneering, we deploy boundless curiosity and creativity within our institutional innovation foundry, Flagship Labs.

Our world-class team systematically applies scientific exploration and invention to evolve enterprising ideas into disruptive, first-in-field ventures.

Flagship Labs has originated more than 200 patents and 40 companies. These ventures establish entire new fields and uncover previously undiscovered areas of science. Some of our notable venture creation successes include Moderna Therapeutics, Seres Therapeutics, Axcella Health, Indigo Agriculture and Adnexus.

Our Partners

In addition to originating ventures within Flagship Labs, our team pursues research breakthroughs and category-defining inventions from our world-class network of collaborators spanning the academic, business, non-profit, science and investment communities. Regardless of the source of the venture, we apply the same disciplined approach to maximize the impact and value.

Through our strategic innovation partnerships, some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical, agricultural technology and nutritional health companies have joined us to share their institutional knowledge so that together we may accelerate Flagship Pioneering’s advances in biology, engineering, medicine, energy and beyond.

Our growing list of strategic innovation partners includes:

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