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In the past decade a new organ has been discovered in our bodies – our gut microbiome. Gut microflora play a significant role in both local and systemic physiology and thus overall health, synthesizing essential biomolecules, stimulating the immune system and aiding secondary digestion. Over time, the human microbiome has been starved by processing of foods, which increase digestibility and decrease the nutrients that reach the lower digestive system.

Cadena Bio is developing revolutionary ingredients that feed and nourish the human microbiome. Cadena’s breakthrough technology, developed, patented and tested over the past six years, has created Essential Glycans™, derived from nature, to nourish specific beneficial bacteria for optimized diversification of the microbiome.

Cadena Bio ingredients selectively target bacterial strains that confer specific health benefits and offer unmatched functionality for easy adoption into a wide array of product formulations. They are simple to work with, based on simple sugars – and as simple to use as corn syrup.


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