Midori is a Flagship VentureLabs™ company revolutionizing health and sustainability through carbohydrate science, changing the landscape of food, medicine, renewable chemicals, and fuels. In health, Midori uses proprietary insights into carbohydrate chemistry allow it to produce a range of food ingredients with improved functional and nutritive characteristics – at low-cost. Applications for these ingredients range from low–calorie sugar replacements, to dietary fiber, to glycotherapeutics targeted at a range of microbiome related diseases, such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, obesity, c. difficile, and malnutrition. In sustainability, Midori efficiently breaks down non-food biomass into low-cost sugars for use in renewable chemicals and fuels. Midori is simultaneously scaling up its production platform to have a transformative impact across these fields.


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Flagship Partners:

  • Noubar Afeyan, Founder & CEO