Sigilon’s mission is develop therapies that can accomplish more by being less visible to the body’s immune system—to pioneer implantable stealth biotechnology. Sigilon’s technology is uniquely enabled to overcome the body’s natural immune system by shielding implanted cells and devices from immune attacks and fibrosis. In the past, these foreign body responses have led to failure of transplanted allogeneic cell therapies, creating the coinciding need for long-term immunosuppressive therapy—the side effects of which are sometimes worse than the diseases themselves. Sigilon is in the process of developing superbiocompatible materials whose permeability and durability will allow them to avoid the harmful drawbacks of previous generations of cell therapies and implantable biomedical devices.

The company’s patented platform technology was discovered through the systematic screening of a combinatorial chemical library of more than 1,000 formulations at the laboratories of Robert Langer and Dan Anderson at MIT. The technology was the subject of three seminal reports published in Nature Materials, Nature Biotechnology, and Nature Medicine in 2015 and 2016.


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  • Doug Cole, Managing Partner