TORQUE Therapeutics

TORQUE Therapeutics is a pre-clinical company leveraging the full potential of the immune system to fight cancer.

Immune cell activation has been the goal of several therapeutics that have entered clinical development. Most approaches have been flawed and have ignored nature: immune cells are instructed by transient exposure to cytokines and cell-cell interactions in their microenvironments. Yet most therapies do not target microenvironment and give continuous, systemic exposure. The result is toxicity and minimal benefit to the patient.

TORQUE has engineered two new ways to control immune cells by optimizing dose, timing, and location of immune agonists in the microenvironment. The company has shown pre-clinically that both approaches can successfully eradicate tumors, with the choice of modality decided on the patient’s immune system.


Company Profile

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Flagship Partners:

  • Doug Cole, Managing Partner