A Culture for Pioneering

At Flagship Pioneering, we seek to precede and originate trends. We envision where the world will be in 10-20 years and take steps today to make that world a reality.

We take pride in maintaining a culture that considers any possible solution—no matter how unconventional—for important problems. At the same time, we are deeply disciplined in our systematic approach to explore, challenge, refine and advance only those ideas that have the potential to help people and transform society.

Our culture emboldens us as entrepreneurial scientists. It empowers us to take creative and scientific risks. We push the limits of possibility and surmount barriers and exceed boundaries. We hold ourselves accountable for creating precedent-setting value with systematic rigor.

Our community of peers and partners lends resources that accelerate our path to suspending disbelief and delivering disruptive solutions in human health, sustainable agriculture and renewable energy.

Our sophisticated operational infrastructure and institutional governance supports each phase of our innovation process.

Working closely with many of the world’s scientific and entrepreneurial leaders, our team’s creativity, optimism, boundless energy, and commitment to pioneering combine to fuel our success.

Together, we are pioneering scientific ventures for life.