Jordan Lambert

Venture Associate

Jordan is a venture associate at Flagship Pioneering, working as part of Innovation Team at Indigo Agriculture. Embedded within Indigo, the team’s goal is to continually expand the innovation scope of Indigo to empower the company’s growers, consumers and the environment with a fundamentally better future for farming.

Jordan brings a passion for science, business, and a practice of human-centered design to her work discovering, inventing, and implementing innovations for agriculture and the life sciences. Prior to joining Flagship and Indigo, Jordan was a consultant at Innosight, a firm founded on the theories of disruptive innovation developed by Harvard Business School Professor Clay Christensen. While there, Jordan played key roles in creating organizational structures that predictably and repeatedly foster breakthrough innovations for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

She also worked for several years in agricultural biotech, where she used genetic engineering and wet lab techniques to improve the world’s food supply. Under the direction of Abhaya Dandekar at UC Davis, she helped create grape rootstocks resistant to Xyllela fastidiosa, the causative agent an agronomically devastating disease. At Arcadia Biosciences, she was integral to developing drought and salt tolerant varieties of rice, and during her time at Ventria Bioscience she led a team in the genetic engineering function to more than double its capacity, enabling a novel monocot platform for expressing human transgenic proteins in rice.

Jordan holds a B.S. in plant genetics from UC Davis and an M.B.A from Harvard Business School.


Jordan Lambert