Laura Lande-Diner

Senior Associate

Laura joined Flagship Pioneering in 2016 after working at Flagship portfolio companies Epiva and Evelo, where she was director of scientific affairs. While at Epiva, Laura conceived and led the company’s programs in autoimmunity and food allergy. She subsequently played a critical role in the merger between Epiva and Evelo, which produced the leading immuno-microbiome company. Laura has been involved in a range of projects at VentureLabs across therapeutics, diagnostics and agriculture.

Laura previously completed her post-doctoral fellowship in neurobiology at Harvard Medical School, where she studied the molecular mechanisms underlying circadian rhythms and served as an instructor in neurobiology. She founded Harvard Medical School’s Critical Discussion Group, an interdisciplinary, scientific innovation and invention group, and catalyzed its replication at numerous leading academic institutions, including Stanford and Columbia.

Laura is the author of more than 10 peer-reviewed publications and an inventor on 11 patents and applications. Laura holds a Ph.D. in epigenetics and molecular biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Medical School, where she studied mechanisms of long-term gene expression in mammalian cells. She also serves on the northeast regional board of the American Friends of the Hebrew University.

Laura Lande-Diner